The Alchemy of the Bog - new classes

While at my recent residency in Ireland, I was nightly warmed by a roaring peat fire. I reflected on the transformation of the earthy decayed matter dug from the bog that, when exposed to the air and dried, becomes fuel to warm the body and soul.

teaching fall 2018 - alchemy.jpg

In terms of creativity, I refer to the Bog as that internal place that has stored all of life’s experience - the good the bad and the ugly. No one escapes life’s pains, but the Bog holds these secrets in a place of stasis, ready to be transformed from the muck and decaying matter into fertile ground for new growth.

In this class, we will shed light on this pure potential and learn to trust the messy and murky part of the process and see beauty in the full range of our experiences without judgement. We will also create a small series to help focus the mind and anchor the form while exploring a variety of techniques. All levels are welcome in this class so I hope you will join us!