Travelogues waiting for their adventures

Few things make me happier than a fresh leather bound art travel journal with blank pages waiting to be filled! The virgin white pages fill me with anticipation - visual stories that I will look back on in future years. Whether the resulting images will be a reflection of literal places or from my imagined worlds, they are travelogues of the epic quest…

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London Diaries

While London is not a residency for me, it is my soul home in a way, and has been ever since first coming here as a wide-eyed 20 year old art student. By some invisible tether i am drawn back here again and again, and thus I find myself living here now, testing the limits of UK immigration and soaking up the dynamic thrill of this favorite city of mine. Alas, without a studio, I am confined to one small desk, so am simply cutting, pasting and drawing in my journal pages - calling this series of collages my "London Diaries" - as they reflect…

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final days at new pacific studio

leaving for asia in 2 days. wanted to pull together the disparate work i have done here and make something cohesive, but i will have to be satisfied with my book of "short stories" as i see them - since they don't much relate to each other. but now that i have indulged completely my hyperactive and overly curious mind, i feel the urge for a specific project coming on - something i can sink into and go deeper with. have some ideas for india and especially berlin - where for 3 months i will vibe off of the current art scene and also review what i have done in my year of "discoveries" - maybe to make an exhibition or work on a book about this journey. going from rural new zealand to hong kong, shanghai and then new delhi - will be about as much contrast as you can get! thanks so much to my host, kay flavell, for her commitment and dedication to sharing the arts and culture of the pacific ~ 

work, NZ

back to the book pages - combining images i've collected along the way (most of these coming from PILOT -  a great art/design/fashion mag out of new zealand) mixing them up gives them a new and different life. working both on the wall and in the book suits different moods and gestures and one starts to flow into the next.

collaging book pages

for some reason feel compelled to return to the book format with my work so far at NPS. was seduced by some great new zealand design magazines at the auckland airport, and have started cutting and pasting with some of the images, combined with drawing and painting. feeling a bit rusty after 6 weeks away from any artmaking, so now just finding my ground in the southern hemisphere.

slowing down in ibrahimpasa, turkey

still trying to catch up with myself on this whirlwind journey. have hit the proverbial wall, so saturated am i from the world around me. no place more so than turkey am i simultaneously stimulated and creatively blocked. could be the backlog of images and experiences from previous residencies that i am still trying to digest, the physical need to stop and be still, the longing to reflect what i see and feel in such an exotic land, but the fact is i am just plain pooped. so in times of stress (see "labyrinth" in the hero's journey), i go back to my logbook and just make simple records of things that catch my eye.

an old worn pillow in my apartment

interior of blue mosque, istanbul

adeus to portugal

leaving for italy in 2 days - so sad to leave my new world here - a perfect beginning to my sojourn. but eager too for neopolitan pizza and the southern hills of italy. i"m satisfied with the work i did here, lots of pages in my "logbook" and 2 wall pieces. thought i would be more prolific, but the pace of life here seems the antithesis to the "productivity" of  my life back home. so with deep love and appreciation, i say goodbye to obras and to this first chapter of my hero's journey . i will hope to be back here one day ~

log page - flower petals from the garden on receipts

log page - grove of ubiquitous cork oak trees - so human and personal each one should have a name.

borba journal page, portugal

just one week left of this residency, time now shrinking as the dry hot days pass by. obras is the perfect supportive space to drop into the mindset of portugal-time, no pressure, only to "be inspired", as our wonderful hosts say. have focused mostly on my travel log book, a handmade leather art journal that calls me to be thoughtful and simple in the process. the page i have posted here shows the main altar of the 17th century convento das servas de cristo in borba, a town known mostly for it's marble quarries. one of my fellow residents had an exhibition of her textiles at the abbey, the first of it's kind in the aged and revered former home of cloistered nuns. have been talking with the hosts at obras about an exhibition, possibly here, at the end of my year journey - to bookend my trip beginning and ending in portugal.borbas page copy 2 love that idea.