"Amy’s classes are a wonderful mix of inspiration, guidance, and support to find our own way. Starting with meditative moments to find our inner quiet, we begin painting with a sense of freedom and abandon which Amy calls “following the subtle beckoning.” We continue in this wild dance, experimenting and playing, listening and refining, until we come to a sense of completion.  Amy opened the doors to my own Creativity in a vital and important way for which I am deeply and eternally grateful."  Lynne Foote, Boulder, CO

"Amy is an inspiration as an artist and an expert instructor. She is one of those rare individuals who has it all: discipline, talent, compassion and experience. Amy is a wealth of knowledge and she will share it all with you without reservation. If you want your art to improve and your confidence to soar do yourself a favor and work with Amy. You will be amazed at the results!" Laura Rose, Boulder, CO

Spring 2019 Mixed media painting classes in Boulder, CO

2 sessions of 6 week classes:

Tuesday evenings, Feb. 26 - April 2 6 - 9pm OR
Wednesday mornings, Feb. 27 - April 3 9:30am -12:30 pm
Studio 108, 4949 N. Broadway, Boulder, CO
Cost: $295.00 per 6 week session

Every journey starts with the Way. This is an innate guidance system within, an internal compass that is more reliable than any map could be. Sometimes we feel the need to know where we are going, with a well charted path, but far more interesting is finding our way through trust. When we strengthen that trust, we make room for magic and new ways of being in life and art.

In the creative process, trust is critical to authentic expression. We enter the unknown, one step at a time. The Way only presents itself in small simple steps, each one loaded with information about how to take the next step, and so on. Strengthening our ability to listen for these clues, we are guided by signposts that indicate the direction we should take.

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In this class, we will practice this deep listening, as well as learn many techniques - acrylic painting, collage, photo transfer, drawing etc. You are welcome to bring to class, and experiment with, any water based or dry media, on a variety of surfaces.

There is no right or wrong way to explore your creativity! This class is a safe container for new learning, colorful play and joyful authentic expression.

All levels of experience are welcome so please join us! TO REGISTER: EMAIL ME OR CALL 617-774-8287

Autumn 2018 Mixed media painting classes in Boulder, CO

As I sat by the peat fire in the cottage at my recent residency in Ireland, I reflected on the alchemical transformation of earthy compost matter into dense fuel to warm the body and soul. In this class, we will delve into a variety of techniques to mine the rich inner resources alway available to us when we let go of fear and resistance to discover our deeper, most authentic selves.

All skill levels are welcome so I hope you will join us. $295.00 per 6 week session. Class size is very limited so sign up early!

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June and July Summer workshops 2018  Boulder, CO  

We sometimes feel that confidence must be the motivating factor in our creative growth. But in truth it is courage that must come first. Not just for those starting on their creative journey, but every step along the way requires the strength and courage to keep going into the unknown, to explore new territory. But this involves trusting your innate guidance to nurture your unique and tender voice, as well as learning new techniques. We will go deep into all of this in this immersive weekend workshop!

Join me for my weekend workshops as listed below and PLAY!
Email me to register or with any questions at

February/March 2018  New mixed media classes offered

The gatekeepers are those internal critics that keep us from being brave in life and art. This painting process breaks through limitation and obstruction to find freedom and joy in expressing our most authentic selves. 

Please join me for my upcoming mixed media painting classes here in Boulder, CO.
6 week sessions: Tuesday Eves Feb. 6-March 13 6-9pm
OR Thursday mornings Feb 8 – March 15, 9:30-12:30 am   at Studio 108 in North Boulder.
See more info below:


"I signed up for Amy’s class not knowing what to expect. She created a safe, open and creative environment without judgment. As the weeks went on, we all grew individually and walked away with techniques and skills that I use today in my personal artwork. I am forever grateful for Amy sharing her expertise and encouragement in each class. “  Janice Ferrante, Boulder, CO

"Looking back through time when I was in grade school and then out in the world learning  - I realize I have not had a mentor - someone whom I respect through their work, teaching, and the way they live their life to be called as such. I can now say I have my mentor and it’s you! So thank you - I wanted to experience this in my lifetime!       Kari Garen, Boulder, CO

October/November 2017  New mixed media classes offered
Please join me for my upcoming mixed media painting classes here in Boulder, CO.
6 week sessions: Tuesday Eves Oct. 17 – Nov. 21 6-9pm
and Wed mornings Oct 18 – Nov. 22, 9:30-12:30 am   at Studio 108 in North Boulder.
See more info below:


Email me for more information and to register: amy@amyclay.com

Feb/March 2017  New mixed media classes offered
After a long hiatus, I am teaching 2 mixed media painting classes here in Boulder, CO. No experience necessary! See more info in the flier below. Call or email me to register or with any questions.