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Painting in an open air palapa in the Yucatan, Mexico. Photo by Ali Goodwin

Painting in an open air palapa in the Yucatan, Mexico. Photo by Ali Goodwin

This online course is all about ARTIST RESIDENCIES – how to find the right one for you, create a compelling application and become an artist in residence.  EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

For those who are creative and love to travel, artist residencies are the Holy Grail. From Antarctica to the Arctic Circle and everywhere between, artist residencies are dedicated places for creatives to focus on their work, travel to cool places and meet others from around the world.

I’ve been lucky to have attended 20 residencies in 14 different countries and counting, including Turkey, Iceland, New Zealand and India. I’ve been asked so many times about my experiences, that I am offering this as my first online course.   Please share and help get the word out! 


COMING SOON - My online course The Travelogue and Beyond, Making Art in the World At Large!

amy clay travelogue class.jpg

For those who long to create a rich visual record of their travels, this course is all about responding to your environment wherever you are, and creating memorable, compelling images that record and reflect the unique experience of your journey.

I will demonstrate making art journals that will become artworks in themselves, as well as going beyond the page to make art pieces that can hang on the wall to be enjoyed in your everyday world. 

Some of the things I will cover in this course:

- The sacred journey - seeing with fresh eyes
- The art of traveling
- How you see, and what you see
- Working with color and light
- Choosing subjects and form
- Supplies to bring - preparing for an upcoming trip
- Painting and drawing demos
- Using photos - collage and photo transfer - demos
- Found objects - adding more dimension to your work
- Using words to tell the story
- Project - creating a travelogue from past travels


Coming soon early 2019. Stay tuned!