Classes and workshops with Amy Guion Clay

My classes are for all levels and any water based media and drawing tools are welcome. Within the safe structure of the studio environment, anything goes, without judgement. It is about exploration, overriding fears, and being present with the sensory lusciousness of the materials. And mostly about discovering who you are without apology, excuses or limitations. I hope to see you in the studio soon!


"Amy’s classes are a wonderful mix of inspiration, guidance, and support to find our own way. Starting with meditative moments to find our inner quiet, we begin painting with a sense of freedom and abandon which Amy calls “following the subtle beckoning.” We continue in this wild dance, experimenting and playing, listening and refining, until we come to a sense of completion.  Amy opened the doors to my own Creativity in a vital and important way for which I am deeply and eternally grateful."  Lynne Foote, Boulder, CO

"Amy is an inspiration as an artist and an expert instructor. She is one of those rare individuals who has it all: discipline, talent, compassion and experience. Amy is a wealth of knowledge and she will share it all with you without reservation. If you want your art to improve and your confidence to soar do yourself a favor and work with Amy. You will be amazed at the results!" Laura Rose, Boulder, CO


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Courage vs. Confidence
2 Summer weekend workshops

June 15-17 and July 13-15 Boulder, CO

We sometimes feel that confidence must be the motivating factor in our creative growth. But in truth it is courage that must come first. Not just for those starting on their creative journey, but every step along the way requires the strength and courage to keep going into the unknown, to explore new territory. But this involves...

My online course all about Artist Residencies is open!

If you are a creative of any discipline and you love to travel, artist residencies are the holy grail. Join me for my online class to learn  everything you need to know about attending an artist residency! I've been to over 20 residencies in 14 different countries and counting. Join me for this comprehensive online class:

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Mentoring with Amy Guion Clay

I provide private one-on-one mentoring for artists of all levels – by studio visit, phone or Skype calls. From the most beginning levels of setting up a studio practice, finding your unique creative voice, portfolio feedback, marketing toward galleries and exhibitions, and creating a compelling online presence through your website and social media. 


"I signed up for Amy’s class not knowing what to expect. She created a safe, open and creative environment without judgment. As the weeks went on, we all grew individually and walked away with techniques and skills that I use today in my personal artwork. I am forever grateful for Amy sharing her expertise and encouragement in each class. “  Janice Ferrante, Boulder, CO

"Amy’s class jump started my ability to actualize my passion for painting. Her vision, insights and ability to transmit that knowledge to me has allowed me to see my own visions on canvas.” Kari Garen, Boulder, CO