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Creative Coaching with Amy Guion Clay

Being an artist can sometimes be a lonely and solo practice. Getting support and feedback from someone we value and trust can make all the difference in how we move forward. I love to work individually with artists to help them realize their most authentic expression, as well as the practical aspects of presenting their work in the world. Each coaching session is tailored to each artists specific needs. Let me know how I can help you go to the next level!


Some of the things we can work on together - by studio visit, phone or Skype:

  • Getting started with a consistent studio practice - even with little time and space.

  • Finding your unique creative voice - learning techniques that express the real you.

  • Portfolio review and feedback - highlighting your best work, finding your niche.

  • Creating a website that tells your story in a visually compelling way.

  • Marketing your artwork: social media, email lists and newsletters.

  • Contacting galleries and other venues for exhibitions.

  • Applying for artist grants, residencies and other opportunities.

Start with a 15 minute complementary phone call to discuss your needs. From there we can schedule a time to meet in person or by phone/skype. Email me to schedule a time. Cost: $150/hr. Pay by Paypal, Venmo, or credit card.

I look forward to brainstorming and creating a plan for growing your fullest and most adventurous art life!

"Looking back through time when I was in grade school and then out in the world learning  - I realize I have not had a mentor - someone whom I respect through their work, teaching, and the way they live their life to be called as such. I can now say I have my mentor and it’s you! So thank you - I wanted to experience this in my lifetime!”      Kari Garen, Boulder, CO

"I just completed a private lesson with Amy. I wanted a one-on-one session so I could get all my questions answered as we went along. Amy let me customize the class to focus on those skills I was most interested in learning and I loved it! Amy is a kind and supportive teacher and a session with her made me feel prepared to experiment and capture a wee bit of her magic!"  Rosemary Carstens, Boulder, CO