Speaking of Freedom


Freedom is my M.O. Everything I do gets run through the freedom lens. It's the pinnacle of my pyramid, the joy and challenge of my life and work, and at times, my curse to bear. I'm restless when restricted, confined or subjected to other's expectations. I rebel at the smallest fences, and the longing to head for the horizon is almost always greater than the security of staying.

And it's just how I like it.

"Exultation #2" Acrylic on Yupo paper 14" x 11" 2018

"Exultation #2" Acrylic on Yupo paper 14" x 11" 2018

But what does freedom even mean? Your definition will most likely be different than mine. I say it's following the deeper subtle beckoning - true north - without knowing where it will lead. No fear! Simple as that - but not so simple in life!

So how do we KNOW if we are on the true path - how do we discern from the chorus of conflicting voices?

It's in the creative process - in the presence of painting that much becomes clear. My painting practice shows me in my body when I am not free. The breathing is shallow, my posture contracted. Gestures are cautious and timid. I'm suddenly really tired. Or hungry. Or must do the laundry right now! But when I am free, my physical being is open, aligned and there is nowhere I am afraid to go, and I can't stop, won't stop for anything!  

And so my obsession with creativity is partly about the product, the (hopefully) authentic thing that comes from the searching. But it's also about the reflection, when the evolving product holds me accountable, gets in my face and calls me out on my BS. Without that accountability, freedom is just a word.

So what are the limiting voices, internally and externally, that keep you from your most brave and authentic expression? Whatever they are, I'm guessing we can all relate. And once you identify the narrow scope, you can summon the courage to kick them to the curb and own your freedom - huzzah!