buon giorno, noepoli

after a brief stay in naples, i boarded the bus southbound for senise in the basilicata region in the arch of italy’s boot. an exhale of relief to be leaving the city, with 4 hours driving along the coast, and inland through dramatic lush green mountains. there has been great effort to traverse the ups and downs of this landscape with a series of tunnels and bridges (best not to look down), so we go almost as the crow flies, without bothering with the uneven topography of the mountains and valleys. 

i am greeted in the town of senise, by my smiling hosts, susanna and her father, rafaelle, who quickly scoop me and my belongings into the car and deliver me to their family home, palazzo rinaldi, in the tiny hilltop town of noepoli. with a population of 1200 residents, and a history dating to the 7th century BC (greek), i am willingly transported to another time, where villages grew up and out of mountaintops and despite the wifi technology (yes!), change comes slowly and organically, if at all. their home sits on the west facing side of the mountain village, so i am blessed with the sunset view from my terrace, and although recently updated, they have maintained all the original furnishings and wooden door latches that make me feel like i am going to walk through a wardrobe (i.e.narnia) any moment and enter some strange and magical fairyland. in fact i have done just that.

the view of noepoli from the neighboring village - our residence sits at the very top of this ancient village.