fundacion valparaiso, mojacar, spain

just arrived to the peace and beauty of southern coastal spain. the wind blows in from africa, the full moon rises out of the mediterranean. this residency is made for serious work, in direct contrast to the last one, which involved all sorts of drunken debauchery ~ (not me, i swear, but there are lots of stories to be told!).

posting just a simple view of the residency compound last night at sunset. there are 8 women artists here for the month, 4 painters, 4 writers, either danish, nigerian/french or american. this part of the country deserves at least one side trip to granada, possibly cordoba, and i hope will include flamenco - music, dancing, singing. i'm thinking the moorish history/architecture will find some kind of home in my work. will post when i have something to show.

fundacion valparaiso, southern spain