ibrahimpasa, turkey

it is clear that the usual rules do not apply here in turkey, and i will need to leave my bag of tricks elsewhere. as i move deeper into the heart of this ancient landscape and culture, i am called to rethink my approach to what i do and go further into my own questioning. the past 12 days here in turkey, first istanbul and now ibrahimpasa, a tiny traditional village moored in the vast cappadoccian landscape of central turkey, have saturated my senses, and i am humbled into submitting to its mysteries. all attempts to express and re-interpret the beauty around me are gilding the lily. so while i stare blankly at the white canvas, i will leave you with a few images to satisfy any curiosity about this world, but keep in mind that any photo i take is a mere shadow of the real thing.

an ancient cave church carved from stone

the village of ibrahimpasa, layers of cave dwellings and stone houses