last days at valparaiso, spain

the days are waning here at valparaiso (paradise valley) which always starts to feel like a mad scramble to finish what i started. it has been an excellent stay here - we are pampered and well fed and cleaned up after - all in the name of supporting the artist and therefore the art.  i encourage anyone to apply here - it is a class act and to top it off, food and lodging is gratis!

i've embraced cardboard now as a reliable and economical substrate, and appreciate robert rauschenberg's comment that there be no hierarchy of materials. each is beautiful in its own way. i will probably mount these pieces when i show them, not sure how yet, but i love the simple and humble surface of the cardboard and will revisit again i'm sure.

this will be my last residency of the year, and from here i will move on to spend some weeks in cornwall and then return to boulder for the holidays. i will chew on all that has transpired these past 7 months and then venture out again after the new year, chasing perpetual summer down to new zealand and beyond.

with huge thanks to the foundation valparaiso - beatrice, pilar and marie-laure ~

acrylic, graphite, toner on cardboard