noepoli work, italy

i'm nearly complete with my work here, being quite productive in my short 2 weeks, as the motivation of an exhibition on my last evening here definitely has added some push. for the size of this tiny village, apparently the exhibitions draw a good size crowd, so i'm preparing my work for hanging, as well as a slide show and artist talk.

the paintings i am posting are a few small sections of 3 long horizontal pieces that mix different elements of the world i see around me with old archival photos i found in the local history museum. then of course i have to mess with them to obscure any real definition of person or place. i have become more interested in the "strange" aspect of images i use, in this case juxtaposed with the vertiginous views of the stone alleys that climb the side of this mountain.

2 sections of one long piece, mixing drawings of noepoli's alleys and altered archival photos

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