venice biennale

a few of my favorites at the venice biennale ~ there were so many more, but much of the video and installation work doesn't translate well into photographs. my all time favorite video/film work was done by fiona tan "disorient" in the dutch pavillion, and joan jonas. other standouts were pascale marthine tayou's huge installation/video/sculpture room - a cacophony of african sounds, textures, images; jorge ortero pailos latex venetian "wall", and nikhil chopra's mixed media installation room.

the macedonian contribution - a fun house view of venice

blog venice 7

an engineering feat

a large scale photo of the arsenale building before the installations - the building itself was hard to compete with - gorgeous!

valerio berruti - delightful stop motion painted video of this little girl in a chair

an indian artist - sorry forgot his name but loved the work.


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