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Travelogues waiting for their adventures

Few things make me happier than a fresh leather bound art travel journal with blank pages waiting to be filled! The virgin white pages fill me with anticipation - visual stories that I will look back on in future years. Whether the resulting images will be a reflection of literal places or from my imagined worlds, they are travelogues of the epic quest…

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London Diaries

While London is not a residency for me, it is my soul home in a way, and has been ever since first coming here as a wide-eyed 20 year old art student. By some invisible tether i am drawn back here again and again, and thus I find myself living here now, testing the limits of UK immigration and soaking up the dynamic thrill of this favorite city of mine. Alas, without a studio, I am confined to one small desk, so am simply cutting, pasting and drawing in my journal pages - calling this series of collages my "London Diaries" - as they reflect…

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