final days at new pacific studio

leaving for asia in 2 days. wanted to pull together the disparate work i have done here and make something cohesive, but i will have to be satisfied with my book of "short stories" as i see them - since they don't much relate to each other. but now that i have indulged completely my hyperactive and overly curious mind, i feel the urge for a specific project coming on - something i can sink into and go deeper with. have some ideas for india and especially berlin - where for 3 months i will vibe off of the current art scene and also review what i have done in my year of "discoveries" - maybe to make an exhibition or work on a book about this journey. going from rural new zealand to hong kong, shanghai and then new delhi - will be about as much contrast as you can get! thanks so much to my host, kay flavell, for her commitment and dedication to sharing the arts and culture of the pacific ~