sanskriti kendra, new delhi, india

it's taken me this long to post here in india - so rich and varied is this experience. my work is coming along slowly  with all the interesting distractions, both the chaotic city of new delhi, and the diverse mixture of people from around the world in residence here. sanskriti kendra is a large oasis walled and buffered from the city, with gardens, flying peacocks,  even monkeys. we are fed a delicious smorgasbord of vegetarian indian food, and otherwise well taken care of. my apartment - upstairs bed and bath, downstairs studio - is spacious enough and despite the voracious mosquitos, a place i can call home. the work is not ready to show yet, but with an exhibition in 10 days, something will need to happen! my excuse is the oppressive heat by day, but i reckon it's just a true and somewhat convenient excuse to be a bit summer-heat lazy. in any case, i am pushing through the lethargy and slowly slowly bringing thoughts to form.

i am posting a few images for visual effect - one of the grounds of the residency, another a typical street scene in the city.